The Book Swap Shop

The Book Swap Shop

We are all very bookie at Aston Hearing so as a result we have started an informal “Book Club”.  We would like to encourage you to join in too.  We do not intend everyone to read the same book at the same time; instead we are encouraging dialogue on books you have read.

To get involved all you need to do is choose a book you have read recently and we will provide you with a fly sheet to be placed at the front of the book, noting the dates read and a very brief comment – you then have the option to write a more detailed comment/review, which we will file.  This will be read by the next person to complete the book.  The book is then left in our “lending library” and if someone else decides to read the book – they make a donation (£1) and borrow it, writing their name and dates of reading on the fly sheet. Once they have finished the book they can read the “reviews” other readers have left and add their own thoughts and comments.  This we hope will encourage interesting conversations and dialogue.

In time, we hope to have a “book forum” section on our website, so those interested can log-on and join in an online discussion.

For every book borrowed please pop a £1 donation in the pot!

All monies collected are donated to Amani UK

A local charity, raising funds for amazing projects in Western Kenya

Thank You

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